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Powerful and simple software to set and track OKRs High-performing companies use Atiim tool to set Objectives & Key Results, get aligned, focus on what matters, and accelerate results with OKRs… 

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Keep Your Team Focused, Engaged, and Aligned. Only 2% of employees can name their company’s top three priorities. Managing objectives (OKRs) in 15Five aligns everyone around the highest leverage… 

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A better way to work for all of us. A personal business coaching app advising you and your team with best practices. attitude is a tool that improves the collaboration between a manager and his team.… 

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Workteam helps your employees align their goals with company objectives and provides a framework to help managers, employees and colleagues work together to achieve successful outcomes. 

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Elevate performance across your organization Continuous performance management tool that combines OKRs goal-tracking with ongoing feedback, 1-on-1 coaching, peer recognition, and modern reviews. 

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Align on objectives, execute for results Grow Faster with WorkBoard Enterprise OKRs & Results Management In dynamic markets, you need to iterate, align and act on strategic priorities very… 

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The leading OKR software for goal management and communication. Easily align, update and keep track of goals. Organize efficient check-ins and continuously exchange feedback with Workpaths OKR… 

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Don’t Lose Sight of Your Team’s Goals. Weekly Planning + Quarterly Objectives. Set structured goals to align activities throughout your organization. Track weekly progress, provide… 

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Lead your company on the path to success. OKR software that helps you measure, communicate and achieve remarkable results. 

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